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From:ooglekSubject:Saw you!
Date:2008-06-13 17:33:26Plate:9AWZ21 -- MD, US

From:ooglekSubject:Slow Down
Date:2008-06-12 17:45:00Plate:KNB 3468 -- VA, US
There are 20+ kids under 10 on Marshall St between Chestnut and Jefferson. 45mph is not appropriate in a 25mph zone. Slow Down!

From:ooglekSubject:Nice Plate
Date:2008-06-11 19:52:12Plate:PL8-REDR -- VA, US
Just saw you, that's all.

Date:2008-04-02 11:41:23Plate:OWNAHME -- VA, US
Or maybe just a proud owner.

Date:2008-04-02 11:41:23Plate:ALCHOL -- VA, US
Excellent use of the special plate! ALC O HOL hilarious.

From:ooglekSubject:Saw You!
Date:2008-03-31 14:42:55Plate:KFB-5856 -- VA, US
Not sure why.

From:lucidxileSubject:Try using the blinker
Date:2007-07-12 13:24:30Plate:JPG 4449 -- VA, US
I'm sure the people at Mercedes-Benz put turn signals in all of their vehicles, it's a shame that you don't know how to use it. Going down Route 1, I saw you make multiple lane changes without once using your blinker.

Date:2007-07-10 11:18:54Plate:CR8 MUSC -- VA, US
That stick coming out of your steering wheel is a blinker, it helps others know when you are turning and/or changing lanes, try using it sometime. I saw you change lanes twice and make three turns without using your blinker...Nice!!!

Date:2006-06-29 17:04:28Plate:BSDGURU -- VA, US
Are you really a BSD Guru? :-)

Date:2006-05-25 12:58:48Plate:4TUA787 -- CA, US
Not only did you block the intersection so we had to move into traffic to cross the street, but you seemed to think you were right. And honking at us in protest to my shaking my head at you while I said 'you're out too far'....well, that could have hurt my 3-year-old's ears. You have made a lasting impression.

From:goveganSubject:Idiot on 4 wheels
Date:2006-01-26 20:51:02Plate:4VIZ118 -- CA, US
90+ miles/hour weaving in and out of traffic on the freeway. Then you cut in front of me, slammed on you brakes, causing me to slam on my brakes. Some day you will cut off an aggresive person, and get your face rearranged.

Date:2005-12-07 15:57:13Plate:DN-837 -- RI, US
You're supposed to yield going INTO a rotary - not speed into it like a dipshit moron!!!

From:finzupSubject:Cutting people off
Date:2005-12-06 16:43:46Plate:YU-91 -- RI, US
Taking shortcuts and cutting people off is the suck!!!!

Date:2005-08-09 09:48:08Plate:585 PIX -- IA, US
do you even now how to drive who gave you a god damn lisence yoou should be shot for

From:SheeetsSubject:Cut me off
Date:2005-08-06 02:08:15Plate:KHALIR -- VA, US
Why don't you look before you pull out in front of people next time?!

From:SheeetsSubject:Cigarette Flicker
Date:2005-08-06 01:59:02Plate:JGE-7872 -- VA, US
That looks like a nice car, and I'm sure it's equipped with an ash tray, however you still choose to flick your cigarette at my car, my biggest pet peeve. If your car doesn't have an ash tray, buy a new car, if you don't want to buy a new car, then quit smoking, until then, watch where you flick your damn cancer sticks.

From:SheeetsSubject:Not Handicap
Date:2005-08-06 01:50:56Plate:JJRKNEM -- VA, US
Next time you are in search of a parking spot, keep in mind that stupidity doesn't count!

From:SheeetsSubject:What were you doing?!
Date:2005-07-31 12:39:51Plate:JNM 6012 -- VA, US
What the hell is wrong with you?! You were driving in the wrong lane, in the middle of the road and occasionally when you made it to the correct side you kept opening your door while you were driving! All of this of course didn't slow you down as you cruised between 70 and 80 miles per hour almost taking out a man who was running! I hope someone takes you license away!

From:ooglekSubject:The Shoulder is NOT a Lane
Date:2005-06-07 18:10:00Plate:JCV-7177 -- VA, US
I know you are just so high with yourself that you think any paved surface is your domain, but remember that all of us are trying to get home, and you being an ass about it (a) doesn't get you home any faster, and (b) could cause an accident, the accident being my bumper strategically placed in your side panel.

From:DrWormSubject:Dangerous Jackass
Date:2005-05-11 11:13:09Plate:DLR BEAR -- VA, US
I was fine with you riding my rear for a mile or so while waiting (obviously impatiently) for me to move over so you could pass. I wasn't so fine when you honked as I finally got the chance to move over to the right after I passed the 18-wheeler, so I flipped you the bird. You reacted like the infantile, penis-deficient child your choice of vehicle indicated you were, which was definitely not fine. Swerving in front of me - and the 18-wheeler - and slamming on your brakes is downright criminal - and the cops know it, buddy as your stupid stunt gave me a perfect view of your plate. I hope the trucker (who alertly changed lanes and tooted you as he went by) got on the CB and told all his buddies to look out for you.

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