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From:biogeekSubject:Poor old couple
Date:2005-04-25 16:31:39Plate:7J65692 -- CA, US
I was the one behind you when you hit the poor old people's cart because you were a bitch and did not want to let that explorer into the line. The you got mad at them for crossing when they had the right of way and had asked you for permission. I have reported the incident to the police both US and Mexico. You are such a sorry sack of shit. Doing that with kids in the are pathetic.

From:ooglekSubject:Vindictive in the Morning, Eh?
Date:2005-04-19 09:26:42Plate:JDJ-3773 -- VA, US
Yah, the guy in the red Jag cut you off maybe, but did you have to endanger everyone else around you by cutting across 3 lanes of traffic, swerving toward the Jag in order to show your disproval and expert driving technique? And then, cutting him off and giving him the finger? Maybe you had a rough childhood... moron. Get over it -- it's a commute. People on the road are stupid, and you getting stupid isn't helping.

From:scottimackSubject:Gee thanks
Date:2005-04-01 14:20:57Plate:SNL RYDE -- CA, US
Thanks ever so much for reinstilling my belief that some people just shouldn't live. By that I mean that you should have been aborted in your 101st trimester. C'mon, seriously. It was 1045 at night, there are 3 other cars and me on a motorcycle on the avenue. We pull away from the stoplight, a lexus in the left lane just slightly ahead of me, I'm in the center lane and there's a guy in a pickup in the right lane. You come up fast behind me, flash your brights, then swing into the left lane and tailgate the lexus... and then as soon as your rear bumper clears my front wheel, you slide back into my lane, forcing me to tap my brakes. Then you slam on your brakes, for absolutely NO reason. How do I know this? Because when you forced me to tap my brakes, I started to slide behind the lexus--- so I know that the lane in front of you was COMPLETELY clear of traffic. Then you did the same exact stunt to the guy in the pickup-- charge up in back of him, swing around and cut him off, then slam on your brakes. I guess its a new game-- fun for you, but not really any fun for the rest of us-- at least until you play the game with the wrong guy, someone who will shoot your sorry ass. I'm REALLY hoping it will happen SOON.

From:TowerSubject:Stollen car dolly
Date:2004-12-15 12:52:32Plate:33373-X -- WA, US
I have a small rental home in holly hills, where I was on sunday 12-12-04, cleaning for a new renter. The old renter had left a white car dolly (2 wheel trailer, ($300)) in the front yard, and was looking for storage for it... A couple in a blue s-10 pulled up to the house with a story about her car braking down on the highway, and wanted to "barrow" the dolly for 2 hours... They acted like very nice people and had a young boy with them (8? with a cold)... any ways, I let them barrow the trailer, and I am still waiting for it's return... That 8 year old should be a pritty good con-artist when he grows up with that upbringing. I suppose that is what I get for trusting people these days. The mother said her name was michelle, and the s-10 pick up was late 90s and missing the drivers side mirror. I will soon go to the cops with my story, but I would rather take care of this without. Does anyone out there know how I could find an address or phone # from the plate # I have? Thank you for your time, Tower.

Date:2004-10-02 22:01:01Plate:JRR-719 -- MD, US
First, you threw a lit cigarette out the sunroof which went right into my car. Later, you were tailgating me...

From:FreakedOutSubject:You're going to kill somebody
Date:2004-08-27 09:55:40Plate:DLR BEAR -- VA, US
Honking and darting through morning rush hour traffic in Crystal City isn't smart, but cutting across three lanes and back again to pass somebody, then slamming on your brakes to the point where you lose control of the car -- well, that's just Darwin Award stuff. You have been reported to the state police. Enjoy that headache, friend! (Oh, and consider getting a car that doesn't so obviously scream that you're inadequate in the... pants area.)

Date:2004-01-08 23:01:07Plate:2YBR387 -- CA, US
I almost died breathing the smog from your car. Recycle it or get it fixed!

From:liv2luvuSubject:OH BABY!
Date:2004-01-04 13:39:15Plate:S2PBR -- FL, US

From:fuggernautSubject:Eplileptics Drive Better
Date:2003-11-03 11:11:19Plate:FLJ-1250 -- PA, US
Your driving skills invoke images of a long-term crack addict having a seizure behind the wheel. Darting between lanes at 75MPH, barely fitting your car between the bumpers of other cars. You're an accident waiting to happen. Dickbag.

From:ooglekSubject:Don't Litter Punk!
Date:2003-10-29 16:23:41Plate:JEZ-3985 -- VA, US
Lit cigarettes are litter -- it's illegal. Don't do it.

From:ooglekSubject:I don't think KITT was a Dodge...
Date:2003-10-29 10:00:38Plate:NTE RYDA -- VA, US
... in fact, I can't remember what KITT was, but I'm pretty confident in saying it wasn't a Dodge. Then again, maybe there was a show called Nite Ryda, and the car was a Dodge R/T...

From:ooglekSubject:Right Rear Tail Light Out
Date:2003-10-23 16:42:16Plate:LRK 853 -- TN, US
Your tail light is burned out. Or broken. Or something. I almost died running into your half-break-lighted SUV. OK, just kidding.

From:ooglekSubject:YOU TOTAL IDIOT!
Date:2003-10-22 10:38:25Plate:LPJ 478 -- MD, US
In Alexandria on GW Parkway the lanes shift to the left as you drive into downtown. Can this person follow the dotted white lines? No... drifts into my lane. I lay on the horn -- no change! They practically drive into my lane with me still in it. Then they come to a green light and... STOP. So I get the privilege of laying on my horn again. Yer an Idiot. Stop gabbing on your cell phone if you can't drive right doing it.

From:ooglekSubject:Thank you!
Date:2003-10-18 19:56:21Plate:ADG 25 -- VA, US
Thanks for defending our country -- you deserve that Purple Heart!

From:fuggernautSubject:Turn Signal?
Date:2003-10-03 09:14:53Plate:DKB 6528 -- PA, US
You know that little stem sticking out of your steering column? If you push it up or down, it activates a blinking light at the rear of your vehicle that lets drivers behind you know which way you're turning. Try it sometime.

From:ooglekSubject:Nice Plate
Date:2003-09-11 22:44:50Plate:MINI ZEN -- VA, US
You drive a little funny, but you gotta nice car.

Date:2003-09-11 22:42:54Plate:S2 -- KY, US
The plate was from Kentucky, but it was completely white, and merely said "S2" and had a "Senator" or something designation. Weird.

Date:2003-09-08 09:21:57Plate:4-SCOOCH -- VA, US
Sure, your butt doesn't count, but the other how-many-million smokers who smoke a pack a day, yeah, that's like thousands of tons of your butts on the ground. Do the world a favor -- throw away your own butts, not in the street.

From:ooglekSubject:Unfortunate event...
Date:2003-09-03 23:25:04Plate:MSU4LFE -- VA, US
Sorry you got towed, but I had to take a picture. It's worth 1000 words!

From:ooglekSubject:You are an asshat driver
Date:2003-09-03 23:21:58Plate:PUSCHY -- VA, US
Sometimes, you gotta slow down and accept the fact that you are an obnoxious, unsafe and out of control driver. Sure, I didn't have to slow way down, but you were riding my ass, and I thought it would be funny to see if I could get you mad by slowing way down, and it worked -- you got mad, swerved into the other lane, glared at me, and then cut me off. Asshat.

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