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From:ooglekSubject:Get a muffler!
Date:2003-09-03 22:59:13Plate:080NFG -- NV, US
Dang man, I thought DC was getting bombed, 'til I realized it was your car making that deafening racket! Geeeeez!

Date:2003-08-28 01:23:27Plate:ZBD7234 -- VA, US
Hi Officer!

From:ooglekSubject:Shortest Plate Ever!
Date:2003-08-28 00:57:05Plate:71 -- VA, US
You have the prize for shortest license plate ever.

Date:2003-08-23 16:10:26Plate:YRT7430 -- VA, US
Oh man, this guy was something SERIOUS about his car. The dude was wearing black leather gloves. Maybe that's not that serious. Other than the fact that we were in gridlocked traffic... hahahahah

From:ooglekSubject:Sweet Plate
Date:2003-08-12 21:55:00Plate:H4CKER -- VA, US
H4cker -- nice. You are 31337 d00d. You r0x0r.

From:ooglekSubject:Funny Dog
Date:2003-08-11 10:00:00Plate:LEH808 -- MD, US
Your dog looks funny because it is smaller that most dogs. And more scraggly lookin.

From:ooglekSubject:You have a funny dog too
Date:2003-08-11 10:00:00Plate:SCRFFYS -- VA, US
I think your dog is less funny. You must be a vet or a dog trainer from that place in Old Town.

Date:2003-08-11 10:00:00Plate:HTS011 -- MD, US
Why do women put on makeup while they are driving? Nice mascara, lady.

From:roadancerSubject:You need to park that thing.
Date:2003-08-05 11:44:16Plate:DOT BOMB -- VA, US
I thought that nuns drivng a school bus were slow!

Date:2003-07-21 13:37:17Plate:DLMD311 -- PA, US
SLow Down

Date:2003-07-16 13:20:28Plate:Y24XH6 -- FL, US
dude dont pick yer nose and try to drive at the same time!

From:dankkSubject:Pimped out
Date:2003-07-16 13:15:07Plate:I0WNJ0 -- CA, US
holla back

From:Comfort1daySubject:You are a big fat liar!!!!!
Date:2003-07-11 12:40:10Plate:PRICAN -- TX, US
You hit my mothers car out front of our house on 4th of July!!!! You drunk bastard! Then your 19 year old ass lies about it to everyone and their dog! You will get yours and I am sure your older brother is pissed that you totaled his car! You left the fron bumper in her engine you idiot. Your dog ran away right! Like thats a reason to hit and run!!!! Just remember karma kicks you in the ass 10 times harder when it comes back around! You need to make things right by telling the cops the turth you crap head!

From:olgakaySubject:I love sunfires
Date:2003-06-24 12:53:33Plate:794 KGB -- KY, US
I love sunfires! :)

From:ooglekSubject:Tail Lights are out
Date:2003-06-23 00:24:19Plate:4450CF -- VA, US
Hey, your tail lights don't work when you are driving. They work when you brake, but not when you are moving and not braking. The are broken. Busted. NO WORKY WORKY.

From:monkeygirlSubject:Hot VW Guy
Date:2003-06-20 13:22:26Plate:JBS7798 -- VA, US
Damn, you are so hot! Is that a Wolfsberg?

From:xavpl8sSubject:Elementary driving clues...
Date:2003-06-12 15:54:18Plate:140P732 -- QC, CA
Just don't run red lights! You can turn right, but not LEFT.

From:lmasriSubject:Jammin' out?
Date:2003-06-04 12:59:45Plate:CLDFZN -- VA, US
Maybe if you stopped listening to Def Leppard in the and started paying attention?? Sheesh. I'll bet you're and "award winning" Cold Fusion programmer too...

From:ooglekSubject:Pretty thick glasses
Date:2003-06-04 11:48:34Plate:M563680 -- MD, US
Hey -- You are real friendly, but I was a little worried about you driving after seeing how thick your glasses were... Are you sure you passed your eye test at the DMV?

From:ooglekSubject:Sweet Jag
Date:2003-05-29 18:20:00Plate:177 361 -- DC, US
I own one just like it, except blue. They are tanks, eh?

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