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Information on VA Plate DLR BEAR

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ColorNavy or black
First Entered2004-08-27 09:55:03
Added ByFreakedOut

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DrWorm2005-05-11 11:13:09Dangerous JackassI was fine with you riding my rear for a mile or so while waiting (obviously impatiently) for me to move over so you could pass. I wasn't so fine when you honked as I finally got the chance to move over to the right after I passed the 18-wheeler, so I flipped you the bird. You reacted like the infantile, penis-deficient child your choice of vehicle indicated you were, which was definitely not fine. Swerving in front of me - and the 18-wheeler - and slamming on your brakes is downright criminal - and the cops know it, buddy as your stupid stunt gave me a perfect view of your plate. I hope the trucker (who alertly changed lanes and tooted you as he went by) got on the CB and told all his buddies to look out for you.
FreakedOut2004-08-27 09:55:40You're going to kill somebodyHonking and darting through morning rush hour traffic in Crystal City isn't smart, but cutting across three lanes and back again to pass somebody, then slamming on your brakes to the point where you lose control of the car -- well, that's just Darwin Award stuff. You have been reported to the state police. Enjoy that headache, friend! (Oh, and consider getting a car that doesn't so obviously scream that you're inadequate in the... pants area.)

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