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Information on WA Plate 33373-X

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First Entered2004-12-15 12:52:16
Added ByTower

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Tower2004-12-15 12:52:32Stollen car dollyI have a small rental home in holly hills, where I was on sunday 12-12-04, cleaning for a new renter. The old renter had left a white car dolly (2 wheel trailer, ($300)) in the front yard, and was looking for storage for it... A couple in a blue s-10 pulled up to the house with a story about her car braking down on the highway, and wanted to "barrow" the dolly for 2 hours... They acted like very nice people and had a young boy with them (8? with a cold)... any ways, I let them barrow the trailer, and I am still waiting for it's return... That 8 year old should be a pritty good con-artist when he grows up with that upbringing. I suppose that is what I get for trusting people these days. The mother said her name was michelle, and the s-10 pick up was late 90s and missing the drivers side mirror. I will soon go to the cops with my story, but I would rather take care of this without. Does anyone out there know how I could find an address or phone # from the plate # I have? Thank you for your time, Tower.

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