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Information on CA Plate SNL RYDE

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First Entered2005-04-01 14:20:36
Added Byscottimack

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scottimack2005-04-01 14:20:57Gee thanksThanks ever so much for reinstilling my belief that some people just shouldn't live. By that I mean that you should have been aborted in your 101st trimester. C'mon, seriously. It was 1045 at night, there are 3 other cars and me on a motorcycle on the avenue. We pull away from the stoplight, a lexus in the left lane just slightly ahead of me, I'm in the center lane and there's a guy in a pickup in the right lane. You come up fast behind me, flash your brights, then swing into the left lane and tailgate the lexus... and then as soon as your rear bumper clears my front wheel, you slide back into my lane, forcing me to tap my brakes. Then you slam on your brakes, for absolutely NO reason. How do I know this? Because when you forced me to tap my brakes, I started to slide behind the lexus--- so I know that the lane in front of you was COMPLETELY clear of traffic. Then you did the same exact stunt to the guy in the pickup-- charge up in back of him, swing around and cut him off, then slam on your brakes. I guess its a new game-- fun for you, but not really any fun for the rest of us-- at least until you play the game with the wrong guy, someone who will shoot your sorry ass. I'm REALLY hoping it will happen SOON.

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